Leaders Find a Solution

They Find a Solution!

Whether you are looking to:

  • Advance your career

  • Address issues in your current position

  • Better manage your team

  • Make a career or organizational change

I am a proven Professional Executive Educator with 37 years of experience. During that time I effectively and successfully demonstrated leadership in schools as a teacher for ten years, as principal for 13 years, within a Central Office setting as both an academic superintendent and associate superintendent for nine years. I am a graduate of the Learning Forward Academy of Professional Development and was a former Learning Forward Board Trustee member for the last three years. 
As an Educator with experience on every level, I understand your daily challenges and look forward to supporting you in:

  • Addressing the plethora of issues in your current education position
  • Effectively building a collaborative team amongst your staff 
  • Leading and coordinating District-wide transformations
  • Accelerating your personal career growth 
  • Assisting you in clarifying your job expectations, and
  • Delivering performances that move you from "Good to Great!"   

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Click here to learn more about energy leadership